SPEA members have voted on the latest Candu Energy offer today. Below is the information provided to the members by the SPEA Executive. The question was "Do you agree with the SPEA Exec's recommendation to accept the proposed Collective Agreement Offer from Candu Energy Inc.?"



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The top ten reasons for crossing a picket line.

  • 10. I thought, since I voted against the strike, that decision didn’t apply to me.
  • 9. I needed the money and couldn’t possibly support my family and sick mother on $50 per day
  • 8. I’m exercising my right to free speech; I’m a “conscientious objector” to union tyranny.
  • 7. I figured that, unless I stayed on the job, the entire nuclear industry would collapse
  • 6. I have a medical condition that makes it impossible for me to picket
  • 5. My personal deity told me I should cross the picket line (may also be “the voices” in the case of atheists)
  • 4. I fell asleep while driving to work, realized that I’d accidentally crossed the picket line and decided to stay
  • 3. I want to become a manager so I’m demonstrating my ability to delegate responsibility
  • 2. To get to the other side…

And last but not least, the number 1 reason to cross the picket line (drum roll please):

  • 1. My manager told me I’d be welcomed with open arms and I have low self-esteem

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Click "Read More"to access July 26, 2012 strike flyer titled "What Is Site Seniority?":

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List of SPEA bargaining unit employees acting as Strike-Breakers aka SCABS

SPEA bargaining unit employees on strike are working towards a fair collective agreement. Below is a list of SPEA bargaining unit employees who have chosen to cross our picket line and act as strike-breakers or scabs.

Abillama,Christian Alim,Shahzad Allen,Kevin William
Anzit,Luigi Antonio Bordas Golan,Lucia Elena Chung,Sung Hwan Steven
Coicea,Codrut Deadman,Jason Duan,Xinjian
Fanous,Ihab Georgiades,Vassilios Gomez Carballo,Victor
Harvey,Robert C Ixanov,Radik Joulin,Thierry
Khezri, Nima Korell,Norman DW Farhangi, Soroush
Metzger,Donald Monaco,Anca Gabriela Moussalam,Julien
Nadeau,Eric Niemeyer,Frederik Pan,Li
Perras,Jonathan Popa,Mariana Pourtangestani,Kathy
Solti,Gyorgy Um,Ji Sang Joseph Mayer
Vidican,Razvan Wang,Min Wrona,Daria
Xu,Feng Yaniz,Minerva Zadeh,Kaveh

Below are some pictures from the OPG offices picket line 700 University Avenue in Toronto on July 24 2012.

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In spite of SPEA members approving the Candu offer on Friday, August 24, 2012 a large portion of the SPEA membership is left in the dark with regards to their start date. Members were given the choice to use their vacation to cover for their time until they get recalled, which is another form of lock out. In light of the several pleas by Candu Energy for SPEA members to cross the picket lines and scab, preventing members from returning to work and obliging them to take vacation is puzzling.

We will post an update on the website once we get additional information.